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DEPARTMENT OF Physical Education

Department Profile

Department of Physical Education was established in 2008.
Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) was introduced from 2018-2019 session.
4 Year Major Course (Hons.) was introduced from 2023-24

The word Physical Education is derived from two separate words, ‘Physical’ and ‘Education’. The simple dictionary meaning of the word physical relates to the body, it may relate to any one or all the bodily characteristics. It may be Physical Strength, Physical Endurance, Physical Fitness, Physical Appearance or Physical Health. The word Education means systematic instruction or training, or preparation for life to perform some tasks.

Education is a doing phenomenon one learns through doing. Education is not confined to the classroom alone. It may take place on the playground, in library, or even at home. A combined meaning of these two words would be that systematic instruction or training which relates to physical activities or a programme of activities necessary for the development, maintenance of human body, development of physical powers, cultivation of physical skill. In nutshell, the aim of physical education is wholesome development of human personality for complete living.

Physical Education, an integral part of the total education process, is a field of endeavour which has, as its aim, the development of Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Socially fit citizens through the medium of physical activities which have been selected to realize these outcomes. The Physical Education department of our college has always endeavoured to fulfil these basic objectives by providing the appropriate infrastructural facilities and the right kind of motivation to aspiring students. Since its inception in 2008, the college has been taking part in West Bengal Inter College State Championship organised by the Director of Public Instruction (DPI) in Athletic (M & W), Football (M) and Kho-Kho (W) as well as the intercollegiate tournaments of University of Kalyani in Athletics, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho. There are good and well- maintained Football ground, Volleyball court, Badminton court, Kabaddi court and Kho-Kho field. The Department of Physical Education is well equipped, including facilities for various games and sports.

The Department of Physical Education has dedicated itself to the growth of the nation through moulding the young citizens of India by means of contributing to physical and mental strength through Physical activities. Physical Education, a learning experience, offers a unique opportunity for Problem-Solving and Self-Expression & Socialization. A well implemented, comprehensive programme is an essential component of the growth of both mind and body. We arranged a guardian meeting and discussed the problems, if there is any. We involved the students in departmental project work. We also want to publish a departmental magazine with creative articles from students. Our upcoming plan is to give the meritorious students an opportunity to teach in nearby schools during summer recess to develop their skills as future teachers. We want to arrange many national, international and state level seminars/ webinars. The Department has been running its regular sports activities for participating in Inter-Collegiate Tournaments and academic programmes in Physical Education since 2008, which has been extended into Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports (BPES) as a Major Subject from 2023-24, under the University of Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal, India.

Our Vision
  1. The vision of the Department is to move towards excellence in Higher Education in order to achieve a just, plural and equitable society in consonance with constitutional values.
  2. The Department of Physical Education is committed to discipline, education, health education, hygiene, and training UG students to acquire in-depth knowledge of the fundamental principles of the subject as well as practical knowledge of Physical Education so that he/she can apply this knowledge to understanding the basis of practical as well as theoretical aspects of this subject.
Our Mission
  1. To enable students to understand the basic knowledge of physical education as well as discipline.
  2. To acquire basic knowledge of practical skills through biomechanics.
  3. To promote research activities for students and staff.
  4. To give utmost importance to the Socially, Environmentally, Economically marginalized sections of students.
  5. To preserve and enrich the already existing socio-cultural traditions of the hinterland.
  6. To prepare a student in such a way that, when leaving college after completion of the three-year general course, he/she is equipped with a positive frame of mind and above all, should have developed a balanced personality and discipline.
Self-evaluation report of the Physical Education Department
  1. Name of the department: Physical Education
  2. Journey started from 2008
  3. Affiliating University: University of Kalyani
  4. Names of Programme: a) Bachelor of Physical Education with Pass Course (Three Years)
    b) Bachelor of Physical Education as a Major Course (Four Years)


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128 Sep 20234-YEARS PEDS Major(MJ)-1st Sem Syllabus distribution (NEP) KU-2023Download
225 Mar 2021Syllabus Distribution Semester VIDownload
306 Jan 2021Syllabus distribution for PEDG_sem VDownload
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Dr. Mahaprasad Ghosh

Assistant Professor (HOD) Date of Joining : 27th August, 2019

Sri Uttam Kumar Barman

SACT Date of Joining : 16th August, 2018

Smt Shilpi Sarkar

Guest Physical Instructor Date of Joining : 28th January, 2015

Study Material

Sl.No. Date Title Download
110 Sep 20216th Semester Unit-III PEDG-DSC-T-1B by Dr. Mahaprasad GhoshDownload
210 Sep 20213rd sem, blood core paper, Physical Education by Sri Uttam BarmanDownload
322 May 2020Concept of Sports Injuries_ Vol.-I (4th Semester), 22-05-2020 - Dr. Mahaprasad GhoshDownload
422 May 2020First- Aid Management_Vol.-III_4th Semester, 22-05-2020 - Dr. Mahaprasad GhoshDownload
518 May 2020Physical Education, 4th semester , 18-05-2020 - Sri Uttam BarmanDownload
608 May 2020PHYSICAL EDUCATION 4th sem note UNISCO, 08-05-2020 - Sri Uttam BarmanDownload
704 May 2020Physical Education, 4th semester, 04-05-2020 - Sri Uttam BarmanDownload
829 Apr 2020Heath & First-Aid Management_Vol.-II_4th Sem, 29-04-2020 - Dr. Mahaprasad GhoshDownload
919 Apr 2020Health & First- Aid Management _Vol.-I_4th Semester, 19-04-2020 - Dr. Mahaprasad GhoshDownload
1012 Apr 2020Physical Education, 2nd semester, 12-04-2020 - Sri Uttam BarmanDownload
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1212 Apr 2020Physical Education, 2nd semester, 12-04-2020 - Sri Uttam BarmanDownload
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1402 Apr 2020PEDG_Topic-Tournament-Semester-II - Dr.Mahaprasad Ghosh (HOD)Download
1531 Mar 2020pedg-2nd-sem-pass - SRI UTTAM KUMAR BARMANDownload

Mentor Mentee

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