Affiliated Under University of Kalyani. Accredited by NAAC (1st Cycle) (Grade - B)


Sl.No. Date Title Download
104 Sep 2023P.E dress Tender Notice -2023Download
204 Jul 2023Notice Inviting Quotation for Printing of College MagazineDownload
326 Jun 2023Corrigendum Tender NoticeDownload
431 May 2023Tender for purchase of Library BooksDownload
523 Jan 2023Tender notice for equipments of dept. of GeographyDownload
628 Oct 2022Tender Notice for Physical Education dress-2022Download
723 Apr 2022Tender invited for purchase of Library booksDownload
811 Feb 2022Rooms Tender Notice (e-Tender). Ref. No. AMMTC/Construction/13/2020 Dated: 11.02.2022Download
910 Feb 2022Corrigendum Tender Notice-2022Download
1010 Feb 2022Tender Notice for Miscellaneous ItemDownload
1131 Jan 2022Tender for Hanging ProjectorDownload
1204 Dec 2021Tender for Physical education dressDownload
1329 Apr 2021Tender for DressDownload
1407 Jan 2020Tender for College MagazineDownload
1507 Jan 2020Tender for CCTVDownload
1607 Jan 2020Tender for Building RepairingDownload
1702 Nov 2019Tender for Aluminium Bar and ACP BoardDownload
1820 Sep 2019Tender for Construction of False CeilingDownload
1924 Jul 2019Tender for Physical Education DressDownload
2005 Jul 2019Tender for Miscellaneous ItemsDownload
2121 Jun 2019Book Tender NoticeDownload
2215 Dec 2018Tender for Plaster Palish (Bench)Download
2306 Oct 2018Dress Materials for Phy.Education DepartmentDownload
2411 Sep 2018Ammtc/141/2018Download
2511 Sep 2018Ammtc/141/2018Download